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How to win more projects?

Companies are continuously struggling with correctly evaluating their bid's on projects across the world. They are trying to answer questions such as

Am i going to win this bid? What is my Probability of winning?
How do i know if my bids have enough to be successful?
What are the risks associated with having too many resources on a single bid?
How do i rank the clients in order of favorability to the organization?
Are we focusing on the correct bids/clients?
Do i have the correct KPI to evaluate my clients?
We can help with the above and also answer question like.
              how to diversify the risk in not winning the bids? 
              The need to react to every instance and react only to the important few.
Forecast the future workload and resources needed
Bidding strategy including strategic partnerships for select commodities.
Leveraging a global sales organization in increasing the probability of winning

The probability of the winning the bid and its potential impact defines win/Loss intelligence
We will help you define all of the above with the help of data analytics. Our approach is devoid of emotions and only driven by data.

A comprehensive understanding of the client base will help in defining the strategy for marketing/sales.
We will help your organization in developing the data strategy to get to the above levels.

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