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How to win more projects?

OEM's are continuously struggling with correctly evaluating their suppliers. They are trying to answer questions such as
Do i have the correct KPI to evaluate my suppliers?
How do i know if my suppliers are stable?
What are the risks associated with suppliers and what is the impact to the organization?
How do i rank the suppliers in order of risk to the organization?
Are we focusing on the correct risks?
What are the factors that affect the suppliers and their operations?
We can help with the above and also answer question like.
Having an alternate supplier base to mitigate risk of single sourced parts.
The need to react to every instance and react only to the important few.
Extremely lean JIT for few components and a flexible JIT for the other components.
Sourcing strategy including strategic partnerships for select commodities.

Leveraging a global supply to mitigate risks.The risk category, probability of the risk happening and its potential impact defines the the life cycle of Risk Mitigation
We will help you define all of the above with the help of data analytics. Our approach is devoid of emotions and only driven by data. 

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